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10 simple ways to boost your kiddo’s self-esteem

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Self-esteem is defined as one’s perception of oneself. Healthy self-esteem is crucial in life. Why? Because it dictates how we relate to others, achieve at school, and perform on the job. As a parent, you strive to raise your child as an individual who believes he is capable, resourceful, and deserving of love. Lack of healthy self-esteem often leads to behavioral issues and mental health concerns, so here are 10 simple ways to boost your kiddo’s self-esteem every day: 1. PROVIDE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Let your kiddo know you'll love him no matter what. This doesn't mean you have to condone [...]

“You’re weird, Luisa!” Bullying prevention 101

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Earlier this month, I attended a play therapy conference for psychology geeks. Now that I'm an adult, I'm ok with being called a geek, and I don't mind it when people say to me, "Wow, Luisa, you're weird." But when I was growing up, it was a different story. Being called weird hurt my feelings and made me question my already-fragile sense of self. Each and every day, millions of kids suffer the effects of verbal bullying. We, as adults, can help prevent bullying by getting involved with our kids. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say and do, [...]

Keep your head above water and don’t drown: How to talk to your kids about our nation’s recent disasters

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It's been a rough few days. First came the anniversary of 9/11. Then the Jersey boardwalk fire on 9/13. Over the weekend, the Colorado floods raged. And this morning, I awoke to the news about the Navy Yard shooting. Not that watching the news has ever really lifted my spirits, but the past few days have been pretty overwhelming and chalk-full of disaster and tragedy. I live in Denver so naturally all of the local news channels have been broadcasting nonstop about the floods. Last Thursday, when the flooding began, newscasters were quick to give out safety advice to all those possibly affected. [...]

“But Mom, it’s not fair!” 3 easy solutions for resolving sibling inequality

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I grew up as the oldest of three girls. My sisters and I are fairly close in age; I'm two years older than my middle sister and five years older than my youngest sister. I'd say we generally got along pretty well while growing up, but as is common with siblings, we also had our fair share of squabbles. I remember many of our fights centered around the themes of fairness and equality. In fact, if my parents had a dollar for every time one of us said in a whiny voice, "But it's not fair!" they'd be retired by [...]

Foolproof tips for Back-to-School success

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It seems like just yesterday that I was writing about summer boredom... and now the new school year is right around the corner. It may be your first instinct to avoid thinking or talking about the new school year entirely. If you're like me, you're hanging onto the the last few weeks of trips to the pool, Dairy Queen treats, and bike rides at dusk. Don't get me wrong, I like to procrastinate and avoid change as much as the next person, but I always find it causes more headaches than if I'd just confronted the change head-on. As adults [...]

Sass & Spite: Teach your kids to be nice with these 3 easy tips

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The Art of Niceness Ever heard the saying “Better to slip with your feet than with your tongue?” I came across this little nugget of advice on a teabag the other day. And I got to thinking about exactly why this statement rings true. Here’s my interpretation: If we slip and fall, we’re hurting only ourselves, both physically and psychologically. Sure, we may suffer a scraped knee and a bruised ego, but we’re not causing deliberate pain to anyone else other than our little old selves. However, when we say something spiteful to someone else, we usually end [...]

No more teachers, no more books! Helping parents stress less this summer

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The kids are almost done with school. Everyone’s counting down the days, although parents may be feeling a mix of emotions… happiness, dread, anxiety; all are common and it doesn't make you a bad mom or dad if you’re not totally jazzed that your kiddo will now be with you all. day. long. For stay-at-home parents, it’s not uncommon to dread the end of the school year, as it often means a full-time commitment to your child. Keeping kiddos entertained for the entire summer can be an extremely taxing job, and many parents feel stressed about taking on responsibility for [...]

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Word to your mother: The best gift your teen can give without even knowing it

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if there’s one holiday that deserves to be celebrated more than once a year, it’s this day. Moms make the world go round, and in my opinion, they’re often underappreciated. The job of being mom is a hefty role, and it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the umpteen daily responsibilities on your “to do” list. Not to mention you rarely get a vacation, and it often seems spouses and kids don’t have a clue how hard you work just to keep up with the laundry. When kiddos are young, little, and cute, [...]

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Consequences that actually work

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Will you really make him eat his breakfast for dinner? Why do we threaten our kids with consequences we can’t possibly stick to? Like when you say to your child, “If you don’t stop whining right now, I’ll never buy you anything again!” Yeah right. For me, this one’s a no-brainer. We give kids consequences that don’t work for the same reason we do a million other things in life…. Why do we drive with the gas light on for 30+ miles, just hoping we won’t be that idiot on the side of the road? Why do we [...]

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10 Things I Learned When I Stopped Yelling At My Kids: Blog Review

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Yelling is contagious The other day I received an email from a mom, who happens to be a good friend of mine. She sent me a link to a post, found on The Orange Rhino. The post, 10 Things I Learned when I Stopped Yelling At My Kids, was truly fascinating. The woman who wrote this post did not yell at her children for an entire year. Yes, that’s right, an entire year. 365 days. I was awestruck that anyone would be up for this challenge. In fact, this woman surpassed a year and had been going strong [...]

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