Harmony is Crafted

While in college, Dr. Luisa worked as a therapist providing in-home therapy to children with autism spectrum disorder. Through this experience, she realized the profound impact she was able to have on kids and families by implementing lasting behavior change. This ignited her passion for working with children and showed her the amazing effects of in-home treatment.  As a result of this experience, in-home therapy became the cornerstone of her practice.

Kids and families are the foundation of Dr. Luisa’s professional career. Since earning her doctorate degree in 2008, she has been treating kids and families full-time. For five years, she worked at Aurora Mental Health Center providing bilingual therapy to kids and families with a wide range of psychological, psychosocial, and behavioral problems. Since 2014 she has been helping families build positive futures for their children through screening, evaluation, and  diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders with Kaiser Permanente.

Education through Experience

Dr. Luisa chose a vigorous doctorate program that focused on practical clinical experience rather than research-based education. Her doctorate clinical work positioned her to have a breadth of experience upon graduation. Dr Luisa’s clinical rotations included experience in juvenile corrections, a forensic state hospital, and a neuropsychology private practice.

In juvenile corrections, Dr. Luisa worked on the mental health unit with boys who faced family challenges, including homelessness, abuse, and substance dependence. They’d ended up on the wrong path and through treatment, Dr. Luisa helped them to gain skills, access resources to aid with mental illness, and improve their self-esteem and sense of purpose in the world.

At the forensic state hospital, Dr. Luisa treated adults who had committed serious crimes and were found not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity. Through treatment, Dr. Luisa was able to aid individuals in separating their crimes from their identities. She enjoyed the challenging work so much she stayed at this rotation for two years.

At the neuropsychology private practice, Dr. Luisa helped elderly individuals obtain evaluations to assist with services and diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and traumatic brain injury. She aided families in understanding these complex brain disorders so they could provide better care for their elderly loved one.